Sputnik Global Consumer Engagement

We help brands to listen, understand and engage in conversations surrounding their brands, products or services across the social media sphere.
With the proliferation of blogs and other social media tools in the market, Sputnik Global has initiated and managed content marketing and social media programs that help small businesses develop significant Internet footprints.
Generating web traffic that turns visitors into actual consumers (buyers) of your products or services (lead conversion) is highly dependent these days on a tightly aligned content and search criteria. Blogs allow for regular content creation that leverages long-tail search outcomes and draws more traffic in, consistently, with the passage of time and parallel increase of social media sharing. The daily management of this process for small businesses, however, can be a burden – which is where Sputnik Global’s solution comes in: We provide platform design and creation, account management, weekly content creation, reporting, and social media training at an affordable monthly subscription rate, which makes perfect sense for small businesses.
Unlike search and PPC advertising, genuine and consistent content creation generates organically growing traffic, rich in active web prospects. This is an annuity that lives forever on the web without having to continually “buy” traffic. Sputnik Global is proud to keep delivering these practical programs to businesses across the country with high rates of success and client retention.

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