Sputnik Analytics Centre Of Excellence

We turn data into actionable insights and improved performance

We identify the highest-value opportunities, source the most relevant internal and external data, apply world-class analytics and modeling, and then drive adoption throughout the organization. Information is power, visualized for efficient consumption, and capitalized for organizational transformation!


Sputnik Knowledge Centre

Contributing To Our Society Through Knowledge Sharing and Training

We provide knowledge and skills to help organizations make a difference in their societies. As a client service firm, this is the single most powerful thing we can do. Our research helps to identify the most viable and successful interventions for big, intractable problems. We also develop tools to help non-profits maximize their efficiency, and work with governments, NGOs and non-profit organizations to respond to crises and rebuild their outfits in the aftermath of disasters.

Our Services

Training Services

Develop your own Sputnik experts with our wide range of classroom, online and on-site trainings. Learn the best techniques for embedding our Sputnik platform in your application or service at our Architecture Workshop for Embedding Analytics. Our courses are designed to get your users the training needed to drive adoption and boost productivity.

Consulting Services

Sputnik Consulting Services offer pre-packaged programs and custom engagements that help you develop, design and implement your analytics projects effectively. Get your project up and running quickly with hands on services, training and best practices that ensure seamless implementation throughout
your organization.

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